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About Whitetail Calcium

Trophy Deer Antler Feed

Supplement Minerals From Milk

Where does the Calcium & Phosphorus you feed your deer come from?

Mineral Rocks
Sea Shells
Glass of Milk

Most cheaper calcium and phosphorus supplements are derived from mineral sources such as rocks and seashells. Neither of these sources can compete with the biocompatibility of dairy-derived calcium minerals. Because it is so easy to absorb dairy-derived minerals into the body, you can use less, and yield more impressive results ―this means larger, healthier trophy antlers.

Just to put into perspective how concentrated our product is:


1 lb of COWCIUM® brand natural milk calcium (Whitetail Calcium) contains as much calcium as 24 gallons of milk!

1 lb. of COWCIUM(R) Milk Calcium
24 1-gallon jugs of milk

Our Company

Garuda International, Inc. Headquarters buildings

Our company has specialized in the development, manufacturing and marketing of ingredients and minerals derived from natural sources for more than 35 years. We are committed to providing the finest ingredients and to making a positive difference in the industry. 

Our Product

Whitetail Deer in the countryside

COWCIUM® brand natural milk calcium (Whitetail Calcium) is a rich source of natural minerals calcium and phosphorus from milk, containing only trace amounts of lactose. Bio-compatible calcium and phosphorus, in an ideal 2-to-1 ratio are essential to whitetail deer diets for maximizing bone health and trophy antler growth.

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